Reasons To Rent A Car In Orlando

April 11, 2019 | Carlos S.
Why rent a car in Orlando

A rental car allows you to have the freedom to have the trip that you want to have. We only have a finite amount of time to experience a near-limitless number of sights and activities, and public transportation is seldom the most efficient means of getting around. You lose a great deal of time planning, organizing, waiting in line and making stops along the way to your different destinations. Not to mention that public transportation can often be unpredictable.


If you decide to spring for a rental car, you’ll be astounded by how much more you can see and experience. You’ll have the time and convenience needed to get the most out of your adventures. In addition, you’ll always have a place to keep your luggage. It especially makes sense if you’re going with one or two other people as you can divide the cost, though even alone it’s a reasonable expense and money well spent. You might even say a set of wheels helps to double your vacation.


This is why we recommend a car rental.


Time is of the essence when traveling with family or with a group of friends. We all want to get to places on time and get the most out of our trip. A car rental helps you take advantage of the time you will have in with us. You would be surprised how much time is wasted, trying to get to a restaurant or hotel without a car or transportation. It will give you ease of mind, especially traveling with kids. You will be ready to go with your car rental at any time of the night to run out and get some snacks for the theme parks days ahead.


Did we mention how much of a time saver a car rental is when traveling with kids? You would be surprised how much space a stroller takes up in any space. Make sure that your car rental fits all your needs and of those traveling with you. The more trunk space the better, that way you will be able to organize bags and find items quicker in occasions of wanting to change clothes.


It also helps to maintain family order when moving from theme park to theme park. Trust us, it will save you the embarrassment of having a child throw a temper tantrum on public transportation. You do not want to be that family everyone is looking at, late night going back to the hotel on a shuttle. Save yourself the hassle and get a car rental.

Hotel/Side Trips/Emergencies:

The main reason for renting a car should be to go back and from the hotel to all your destinations. A hotel is a HUB to where you will decide to go at the beginning and end of your day. Going back and forth should be an easy thing to do with a car rental. In addition, it will also come in handy when you have to make those side trips to get the kids some popsicles, especially in the summer months. A huge lifesaver on grocery runs, when we underestimate the amount of food to bring on the trip. Not to mention those late night emergency pharmacy runs to get some medicine, a car rental will have you covered.


Visiting us is not just the theme parks. You can visit other fun places within a distance of hotels and restaurants. A car rental will help to take you to the nearby golf course; golfers will love the challenging and historic courses throughout the city. Art-lovers will enjoy the Orlando Museum of Art, the Mennello Museum of American Art as well as a number of small, funky galleries and art studios sprinkled throughout the area. Remember to take a walk on Disney’s Boardwalk and check out some of the magical things outside the parks.


It’s certainly not a requirement to rent a car when visiting us. Many people are content with not renting one because that is part of the vacation experience. To disconnect from all the daily things and routines that cause stress, and for the majority of the United States people are in their cars an awfully long time. Whichever decision you make, remember to have fun and enjoy the experience of visiting us.