Packing For An Orlando Vacation

April 11, 2019 | By Carlos S.
Packing for a Trip to Orlando

It’s all too easy to over-pack with the excitement of visiting us here in Orlando for the first time or for the fifth time. There is always something new and exciting to explore, even for adults traveling on their own. From Disney World to Universal Studios there is never a dull moment here in Orlando. Let us help you be ready for all the possible occasions we have to offer to make your next stay an unforgettable one. Plan accordingly and pack smart. Use these tips and tricks to narrow down your list of items to bring on your next adventure here.


Organize your choice of clothing based on the season you choose to travel. Weather in Orlando can be hot and humid, with the occasional rain in the summer months of May through September. Check the weather right before leaving to make sure you are packing the appropriate clothing for the right situations. Keep in mind these items of clothing:


Shorts, Tank Tops, T-Shirts, Dresses: Make sure to pack outfits that are light and comfortable, as it can get hot and humid during the day. Theme parks and outdoor events are very casual, wear clothing that will not bother you during a long day of walking in the heat. Remember you can always shop around for additional items of clothing during your visit.


Light Jacket: During the summer months it gets hot, restaurants and inside attractions boost the AC high to keep you cool, almost too cool. Bring a light jacket that will fit in your backpack that will not take up much space for these situations.


Trunks, Bikinis, Swimwear: Waterparks are our thing, keep in mind that theme parks do have rides that may get you wet. Bring swimwear to avoid changing into another set of clothes on your adventures at our theme parks. Even on a sunny day poolside with your favorite drink, the right swimwear will make your day feel just right.


Comfortable Walking Shoes or Sandals: A good pair of comfortable walking shoes will go a long way; your feet will thank you as you explore all of our great theme parks. Sandals have always been comfortable for casual walking.


Your choice of stay here in Orlando, whether a resort or a hotel should provide complimentary bath amenities, and other useful items. These are key suggestions we recommend to have ready.


Standard essentials: toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, and soap.


Sunscreen: Extremely crucial to protect you against overexposure of the sun, especially outdoors in the summer months. SPF 30 for the face and body should do the job of keeping you comfortable. Adjust accordingly to your level of skin sensitivity.


Personal Medicines: Take care of yourself first. These should be one of the first things to pack no matter what.

Accessories/ Gadgets

Bring all the necessary travel accessories that will make you feel right at home here in Orlando. We recommend bringing the following:


Portable Phone Charger: Invest in a lightweight efficient charger. Make sure your phone will not die while you are out all day having fun. Reduce your phone usage throughout the day and you will hardly ever need to charge your phone. Let’s be honest, we always resort to the portable phone charger to save our lives at the end of the night after a long day.


Sunglasses: Keeping your vision healthy is key. Bring lightweight sunglasses that won’t mind losing; in case you do, they are mainly to protect your eyes from the sun. It’s very sunny here, and you’ll be outdoors for the majority of the time.


Camera: Take as many pictures to remember all of your experiences here with us. Smartphone cameras provide us with the convenience and ease of taking pictures on the go. Remember to create space in your smartphone for additional storage of all the pictures you’ll be taking.

MVI (Most Valuable Items)

Refillable Water Bottle/Canteen: Remember to stay hydrated, especially walking around in the heat. We want you to have fun and explore all of what we have to offer. One key thing to have handy is Emergen-C (vitamin C supplement) to boost your immune system while traveling. Nobody wants to get sick while having fun.


Light Backpack: Invest in a light backpack made of breathable material that will not stick to you in hot weather, especially while walking all day in summer weather. It should only carry the essentials to make your day as fun as possible.


First-Aid Kit: We have all experienced the pain of getting a blister on our foot, and having to continue walking the rest of the day. Be ready with a travel size first-aid kit, especially if you are not used to walking all day. Your feet will thank you indefinitely.