Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I’m trying to book a next-day reservation, but the calendar won’t let me. Why?

A: We don’t support next-day reservations at this time, but you can book a vacation two days in advance.


Q: I booked my vacation. What should I expect next?

A: You’ll receive a reservation confirmation email, and call from one of our agents.


Q: Is there any difference in price or savings if I call rather than booking on the site?

A: Nope. Our deals stand the same either way, though giving us a call may help answer any questions you may have.


Q: What if the hotel I’m interested in booking isn’t available on your site.

A: Give us a call. Sometimes our agents get access to hotels not listed on the site. We may be able to help.


Q: Can I book more than one package?

A: Unfortunately we can only offer one package per group. However, if you need additional rooms, an agent can help you book them at wholesale rates.


Q: Is attending a presentation required when I book a vacation package deal? And what happens if I don’t attend?

A: Yes, you must attend a 120-minute presentation to receive the incredible deals we are able to offer you. If for some extenuating reason you can’t attend your presentation, just contact our customer service line at 858-264-4074 and we will be happy to make other arrangements for you. If you do not attend your presentation, your reservation may be canceled and any gifts will be forfeited.


Q: Is there a charge if I need to cancel or change a reservation?

A: Please note the cancellation and change policy for the specific hotel you are booking on the site, or inquire with an agent when making a booking.